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Single servings of software delivery education posted to Slack. Designed for teams.

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Meet Small Batches

Software delivery is a broad topic. One person or team just can't learn it all one in go. But you can learn one day at time through consistent exposure to knowledge.Install the Small Batches Slack app, invite the app your team's channel, and the app immediately begins posting curated material to level up your team.Small Batches introduces new topics and connects the dots between what the team already knows. Posting to Slack turns the team’s gathering place into a space for continuous learning.

What's Included?

The Small Batches Library

Remember those "page a day calendars?" Now, imagine that for DevOps, lean, continuous delivery, and more.The library is the synthesis of over fifty books, years of experience, and conversations with industry leaders.Topics include introductions to lexicon terms, book summaries, the best passages from relevant books, protips, and more.A new day, a new entry. There's already over a year's worth of content and more is added each month.Entries link to the website for those who want to learn more.

Curated Courses

The library is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Not with courses.Courses are prewitten. One day, one lesson. The best of the library edited for maximum information absorption.

A Second Brain

A few sentences is enough to introduce an idea, but not enough to go deeper. Small Batches also included a dedicated second brain on all things software delivery.The website includes long-form content linking the content from short daily to posts to deeper learning and themes. You'll find handbooks, guides, full book summaries, and the best pages to share with your team.

Images Too

Humans have a very strong visual sense. Text alone is not enough. Small Batches posts images too.


Public Beta


Small Batches is currently in FREE beta. There are no limitations on the app. All content is included. Plus, beta participants will recieve a discount on the premium plan at launch time. Enjoy!


$349 per month

COMING SOON. Access to all content, courses, for your entire team. New content added monthly. Pricing subject to change.

Who's this for?

Small Batches is for software teams who want to improve their software delivery process and systems. There’s a mix of material for C-suite executives, team leads, tech leads, and individual contributors.

For Learners

Small Batches will expose you to new information. Every post is an entry point to the next relevant page in the web of knowledge. You're already motivated and keen to develop personal mastery. Use Small Batches to direct your learning and deepen your understanding.

For Executives

Small Batches gives you the breadth of information to identify where to improve. Use Small Batches to lead the DevOps transformation proven to create more successful organizations.

For Leaders

Small Batches teaches you crucial skills such as systems thinking, value stream management, coaching, and organizing work for fast flow. These skills will provide you the mental model for improving work for your team and creating better business outcomes.

For Engineers

Small Batches teaches you the real principles and practices behind the buzzwords others take for granted. This will give you the background to level up the craft of software engineering in ways that matter to you and the business.

Want Small Batches?

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Small Batches is built by Adam Hawkins. Adam Hawkins has over a decade of experience building, deploying, and running production software and teaching teams to do the same. He also hosts the Small Batches podcast. He lives in Hawaii with his wife. You can connect with Adam on LinkedIn.

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